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deborah lighthart
Metaphysical Fitness Coach
Energy Baths™, Intuitive Reading + Coaching
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Deborah has been a professional energy healer + intuitive reader since 1996. She is also a Reiki Master and an ordained minister. Deborah has shared spiritual wisdom and intuitive insights with thousands of people all over the world, helping them navigate life's challenges with expanding awareness, ease and joy. While Deborah still offers readings to help you know what to expect from your world and how to move through it, her primary focus is on transforming the energy patterns within you to help you change the world around you.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." - Peter Drucker

A psychic can predict your life the same way a meteorologist can predict the weather. We read the energy patterns that run around you + through you and we gauge the way that we think this will play out in your life. The reason that most people's lives are predictable is because we all have certain energy patterns that we use to create our reality. Unless you are on an active healing program (like the Energy Bath system), your energy patterns remain relatively static, so a psychic can usually tell which direction things are headed for you.

The Truth is that your destiny is not written in stone, it is yours to create however you choose. Your energy creates your reality. When you learn to harness and/or redirect it, you become the Master of your own Destiny. Deborah uses her intuition to see where you are "sticking" yourself with a reality that is not what your heart desires and she gives you tools for change. These tools can feel and seem magical, but YOU are the real magic. It is your own Divine Light and your own Divine Connection that change your world. We are all Infinite Beings, capable of achieving whatever our hearts desire.

The name "Deborah" means "bee seeking the honey of life." Deborah is on a journey to find and live her own sweet, satisfying, soul-full existence and she would like to help you to do the same.

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