About Deborah

deborah lighthart
Metaphysical Fitness Coach
Intuitive Reading, Coaching +.Energy Healing
by Phone/VideoChat  $2/min $100/hr 
by Email/Text  $10/question
CALL/TEXT: 262.377.8885
EMAIL: deborahlighthart@gmail.com
Deborah has been a professional intuitive reader + energy healer since 1996. She is also an ordained minister and a Reiki Master. Deborah has shared spiritual wisdom and intuitive insights with thousands of people all over the world, helping them navigate life's challenges with expanding awareness, ease and joy. While Deborah still offers readings to help you know what to expect from your world and how to move through it, her primary focus now is on transforming the energy patterns within you to help you change the world around you.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." - Peter Drucker

A psychic can predict your life the same way a meteorologist can predict the weather. We read the energy patterns that run around you + through you and we gauge the way that we think this will play out in your life. The reason that most people's lives are predictable is because we all have certain energy patterns that we use to create our reality. Unless you are on an active healing program (like my Weekly Energy Baths), your energy patterns remain relatively static, so a psychic can usually tell which direction things are headed for you.

The Truth is that your destiny is not written in stone, it is yours to create however you choose. Your energy creates your reality. When you learn to harness and/or redirect it, you become the Master of your own Destiny. Deborah uses her intuition to see where you are "sticking" yourself with a reality that is not what your heart desires and she gives you tools for change. These tools can feel and seem magical, but YOU are the real magic. It is your own Divine Light, your own Divine Plan, your own Divine Connection that changes your world. We are all Infinite Beings, capable of achieving whatever our hearts desire and Deborah is here to help you to do just that.

The name "Deborah" means "bee seeking the honey of life." Deborah is on a journey to find and live her own sweet, satisfying, soul-full existence and she would like to help you to do the same.

energy baths. details: www.energybaths.info
Group Sessions by Phone/VideoChat: $15/1h   In Person: $25/90m
Private Sessions by Phone/Videochat: $50/1h  *Free Recording Available Upon Request 
Despite the name "bath" there is no actual water involved in this fabulous energy healing experience! During these sessions, you will be bathed in healing energies that will relax you deeply, wash away your stress and allow your natural light to shine. Deborah combines reiki, energy healing, guided meditation, breathwork, toning, sacred sound, shamanic journeying, crystal healing, aromatherapy and more, to create a powerful process you can use to transform your life. Sessions are recorded so that you can listen to them over and over again, increasing and amplifying the healing energy. They can be accessed online or downloaded as an mp3. 
* Suggested Supplies: a bottle of water, a pen, a journal/pad of paper and a yoga mat/sleeping bag/pillows if you'd like to lie down.
ALSO AVAILABLE! Energy Baths for Kids, Teens, Tweens, Seniors, Women, Men, Health, Wealth, Love, Pain Management, Weight Release, Emotional Healing, Mental Focus + more

intuitive readings + metaphysical coaching.
Phone/VideoChat: $2/min$100/1h      Email/Text: $10/question
*FREE Recording Available Upon Request
Using a combination of tarot cards reading, intuitive information and messages from your Guardian Angels + Spirit Guides, Deborah offers you insight and wisdom to help you on your life's journey. Appointments are scheduled by texting/calling 262.377.8885 or EMAILING: deborahlighthart(at)gmail.com. Credit/debit card payments are made during your session. Cash + check payments are only accepted in person.

classes + workshops.
Everything is made up of energy. Your thoughts, emotions, physical body, everything you see in the world around you, it's all just energy in different forms. You draw this energy into your life (or repel it) so that you can learn and grow. Understanding that process will help you become conscious of your energy field, so that you can learn to channel it in the direction you choose. In this class, we explore your personal energy field, what helps it grow and what diminishes it and we will do some energy exercises together so that you can harness your own healing energy and use it to change your life.

Dreams are one of the easiest ways for our Spirit Guides to speak to us + for our own Higher Power to break through to our conscious mind. Learn how to translate the symbols & metaphors in even your craziest dreams into meaningful messages in your daily life by using your own natural intuitive ability.
* Suggested Supplies: a tarot or oracle deck, a pen, a journal/pad of paper

Many people love to connect with the Guardian Angels, Spirit Beings and deceased loved ones that watch over us. AngelSpeaK sessions are a time for you to connect with yours and to get answers about your life, personal growth + spiritual development. Deborah's style has been described as a combination of John Edwards, Theresa Caputo and James Van Praagh. 

Level 1:   
In this class, Deborah Lighthart shares the card reading technique that she created which will help you to bypass the need to read all of the study guides and books, and instead dive right into using the tarot to enhance your own intuitive/psychic ability. Using the imagery inherent in every type of deck (tarot, angel, oracle, etc), we will delve into a new way to translate meaning that will be personal to each reader. Card readers of all skill levels and experience are invited to attend, bringing whatever decks they naturally use. We can all share in this journey from the head to the heart, where we really do know it all. We will cover the basics of reading preparation, as well as exploring the intuitive technique.
Level 2:   
Once you have the basic technique of intuitive interpretation that is covered in Level 1, you can expand on that awareness by exploring traditional layouts, creating custom layouts, weaving cards several cards together, using crystals + pendulums in combination with your cards. We also discuss ways to use the tarot to take charge of your future. 
Guided Study Group:   
This is time to put all that you have learned into practice! With over 25 years of experience as a tarot card reader, Deborah Lighthart has learned countless ways to use the cards to divine information for just about any question people could have. She guides the group while they offer readings to each other, answering questions and helping to interpret.This class is available to experienced readers who would like to brush up on their skills and learn some new ways to utilize them. 
* Suggested Supplies: a tarot or oracle deck, a pen, a journal/pad of paper

day + weekend retreats.
This 1-day workshop will help you to face your inner barriers, make peace with all aspects of yourself and reveal the true gifts within you. We will utilize a variety of physical, emotional and mental exercises, as well as engage in at least 2 Energy Baths. You will discover the energies that are blocking you from living your life the way you'd like to, and transform them into useful building blocks for your future. 
* Suggested Supplies: a bottle of water, a pen, a journal/pad of paper and a yoga mat/sleeping bag/pillows if you'd like to lie down.

POWERWASH YOUR WORLD WEEKEND   Fri Eve-Sun Aft   $325 + meals/lodging
This retreat is designed for people who are really ready to make massive change. We will explore an extensive list of barriers: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, generational and environmental. Then, we will utilize a variety of exercises, healing experiences and multiple Energy Baths to clear away the blockages and to reveal the TRUE YOU. It doesn't matter what your "stuff" is about, you will be able to wash it clean this weekend and you will leave feeling shiny and new.
* Suggested Supplies: a bottle of water, a pen, a journal/pad of paper and a yoga mat/sleeping bag/pillows if you'd like to lie down.

GODDESS EMERGENCE DAY RETREAT    $105/7h + byo lunch
WEEKEND RETREAT  Fri Eve-Sun Aft   $325 + meals/lodging
In this retreat, we will explore a variety of exercises and experiences that will help your inner Goddess to emerge. You will be empowered in every way, to sing the song that is in your own heart and to dance to the rhythm of your own soul. With a group of women to support you on your journey, you will find things about yourself that you may never have known and be shown beauty within you that you've never seen. With over 15 years experience as a facilitator for spiritual growth, Deborah can help you to discover your true beauty, excavate your spiritual gifts and allow your inner Goddess to emerge.
* Suggested Supplies: a bottle of water, a pen, a journal/pad of paper and a yoga mat/sleeping bag/pillows if you'd like to lie down.

CONSCIOUS COUPLES DAY RETREAT   $165 per couple/7h + byo lunch
WEEKEND RETREAT  Fri Eve-Sun Aft   $475 per couple + meals/lodging
So many couples fall in love only to find that living happily ever after is not as easy as they thought it would be. Love is the most precious gift available to us, so learning to sustain + nurture it is invaluable. In this workshop, we will explore your barriers + blockages as a couple, find tools to overcome the obstacles in your relationship and allow your true love for one another to shine through.
* Suggested Supplies: a bottle of water, a pen, a journal/pad of paper and a yoga mat/sleeping bag/pillows if you'd like to lie down.

private parties, stage shows + corporate events.
Private Home Parties: $100/h with a 2hr minimum  
Stage Shows + Corporate Events: $500 per appearance plus travel expenses 
Connecting with the "other side" is a magical and mystical experience that is a great addition to almost any type of celebration, including: Birthday Parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Halloween + New Year's Parties, Employee Holiday Parties, Customer Appreciation Days and so much more. Deborah's intuitive insights, gentle manner and sense of humor will leave your guests feeling inspired and enlightened. Her style has been described as "a blend of James Van Praagh, Theresa Caputo and John Edward." For more details, EMAIL: deborahlighthart@gmail.com

visionary art.
Prices vary    DETAILS HERE
By connecting with the Angels and Spirit Guides, Deborah receives messages about life's journey and channels them into artwork that tells a story of healing, growth and evolution. Each piece offers unique personal messages, as well as Universal Truths, and helps to facilitate healing for all who view it. Originals, Prints + Custom Work. Interior + Exterior. Residential + Commercial.